What Does The Name Dorothy Mean?


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The name Dorothy is a popular girl's name. It is believed to be of Greek origin. The name has the meaning of "gift of God". The name is pronounced as "DOR-a-thee". The name Theodore is a synonym of the name Dorothy. Dorothy was perhaps most famous as the name of the character and heroine of the story "The Wonderful World of Oz". The name Dorothy has nearly forty one different variations including Dolley, Doll, Dorika, Dosha, Dosya, Doretta, Daretha, Dolley, Dori, Dorinda, Dorita, Dorothee, Dosya etc.

The name Dorothy is also very important in Christianity including being the name of two saints in Christianity. There were two saints and virgin martyrs in Christianity. There name is found used widely in fiction as well including Dorothy Catalonia an anime character created by Gundam Wing. Dorothy was also the name of a goldfish owned by Elmo in the program Sesame Street.
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My name is Dorothy It means pure awesomeness!!! ...and God's gift God's

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