What Does The Name Ellis Mean?


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The name Ellis is a male first name of Greek origin. It comes from the same root as the names Elias and Elijah. The meaning of Ellis is God is Lord. According to a survey in which a total of 2, 033 votes were cast, 72 people were found to have this name, 40 people said they wished they had this name and 88 named their child Ellis. It is also a male form of the female first name Alice.    In popular culture, the name Ellis is used in Ellis Park Stadium, a rugby union and football stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa and Ellis Park racecourse, a race track used for thoroughbred horse racing derbies in Henderson, Kentucky in the United States. The Ellis Island, located at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbour is also a national monument and popular tourist attraction in New York, U.S.A.. 

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