What Does The Name Colton Mean?


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Colton is both the name of several places and a surname. It is predominantly English and is very common in traditional English culture. Historically this surname Colton was very common in Southwest Scotland and Yorkshire. It literally means 'From the dark town'.

Colton is the name of many places in England. There are places called Colton in Leeds, Cumbria, Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Straffordshire. In addition there are several places called Colton in the USA. There are places called Colton in New York, South Dakota, Oregon, Arizona and Washington. In the southern part of Australia there is the Electoral district of Colton.
Colton has 4 variant forms including Coleton, Colston, Collton and Colten. Similar sounding baby name suggestions are Colden, Galton, Kelton, Coldin, Koltin and Kolten.
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Colton is a city in Southern California. It is an important suburb of San Bernardino County. The city has a population of around 51,300. The area of this city is 40.7 sq. km, out of which 39.1 sq km is land and 1.5 sq km comprises of water.

Colton has originally been known as a citrus and farm area. However, the city has experienced a tremendous boom in the population growth and urban development during the late twentieth century.

Now, Colton is the spot of one of the busiest at-grade railway crossings in the United States, the Colton-Crossing. This point is the site of the crossing of the main transcontinental trunk lines of Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Colton has grown to become a city having industrial importance.

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