What Does My Name Erica Mean?


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The name Erica is a name of Norse origin, meaning that it comes from the European country of Norway. It is the female form of another Norse name, Eric. It can also be spelt 'Erika', which is closer to the original Norse spelling.
In terms of the meaning of the name Erica, there are three Norse meanings to consider. The first meaning is 'forever' or 'eternal'. The second meaning is 'alone' and the third meaning is 'ruler', meaning a leader of people.
Whilst these three meanings seem to be very separate, they do have a kind of bond. A ruler is one who is at the top, overseeing all that they rule over. This is a lofty position of power and in many cases, especially in the years in which kings and queens had absolute power, their decision and their decision alone was law. Also, in cases such as the Egyptians and Norse raiding kings, certain rulers went down in history with stories being passed down through generation, making the more illustrious rulers immortal. Therefore, the name Erica implies a person who is successful in power, very individual and one who is likely to make a significant impact on those around them.
There is a Latin word 'erica' which means 'the heather plant', known for its lucky properties. Therefore we can also draw the conclusion that, in the name when it is derived from Latin, Erica can also mean one who is lucky or brings luck upon those around them. The name rocketed in popularity in the United States of America around the 1970s. This is possibly due to the character Erica Kane on popular ABC drama show 'All My Children', played by Susan Lucci. The show began in January 1970, shortly before the Erica name boom.
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A victorious women that can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to! She is beautiful, outstanding, and full of life. She is a true warrior(((:
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Erica means the MOST wonderful, sweet, confident, and completely delicate but brave person in all of the world.
  Luv you,

(Erica Burgess on Myspace)
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Erica means to be strong, kind spirited, one of a kind beautiful, and an outstanding person.
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I believe the name erica is a beautiful melody that rolls off your tongue wondrously. And I think it's totally awesome because it's my name.
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My name is Erica, I don't know what erica means but to me I'm bleessed to have the name, my mom spelt it with a C not a K. She named me after AmERICA.
Because, she thinks I'll make a differnce in the world. I've been through hard times and hit bumps but I always pic myself up and smile.
To me Erica is a beautifull name :)
-erica darrah
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Erica could mean... Beautiful smart and kinda shy.
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Erica means cute, smart, and a loving person. Plus, it has to be a cute name because it is my name. Erica Khadijah Hawkins ( :
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The first name Erica, which is the feminine form of the male first name Eric, originated in Scandinavia, probably in Viking times. It means the same as Eric - a 'complete ruler'. It can be spelled with a k as well as a c and has several variant forms.

It is a popular name in Europe, particularly Germany and the Scandinavian countries.
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Erica (Air-a-ka) is a popular name of Scandinavian and Latin origin; while it means a ruler in Scandinavian and connotes nobility and strength the name refers to the 'erica' (heather) plant in Latin. The name is also written as Erika, Eryka or Ericka. It is the feminine form of Eric which in Old German means an absolute and undisputed ruler.
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It means the bestest person in the whole entire universe! The name erica means rular!!!!!
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Erika is a wonderful name you know why because is my name hehe I love you victor 06/23/10
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The name Erica is a name for a female that is a version of the male name Eric. it is derived form the Latin word for 'heather'. The name Eric may also be derived from the Old Norse name Eirikr which meant 'ever ruler'. This name was brought to Britain by Danish invaders.

Erica is also the scientific name for the genus that comprises of over seven hundred species of flowering plants from the family Ericaceae. The English names for these are heath and heather.

The majority of the species of this genus are small sized shrubs that range between 0.2 to 1.5 meters in height. However, some like the Tree Heath are taller. All of the plants are evergreen, possessing tiny leaves resembling needles.

They are largely prevalent in South Africa; they are often given the alternate name of Cape Heath for this very reason.
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Erika is a well known female name. Erika Christensen is a well known American actress whose initial movie was Traffic release in the year 2000. Later she appeared in the 2004 movie The Perfect Score.

Recently she debuted in a television series known as Six Degrees on the ABC. The show was aired on the ABC in the fall schedule of the year 2006. Erika was born in Seattle, Washington and was later on brought up in Los Angeles, California.

Erika initially appeared in a commercial for McDonald's and did many small roles in various television series before launching a movie career. The shows that acted in included The Geena Davis Show, Frasier, The practice, 3rd Rock from the Sun and Touched by an Angel. Erika was born on August 19th, 1982.
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Hay. My name is erica, and I'm not ugly. Take a deep breath and consider the obvious, you could be the one thats ugly, I'm just saying, sorry.

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