What Does The Name Bronson Mean?


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He he he Bronson means 'son of the brown man' he he he
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The word 'Bronson' is usually used as a name of a male child and the meaning that the word conveys is that of the 'son of the man who is brown. The word can trace its origin in the Middle English and when it come the variants of the name you can find numerous. The names Bronsson, Bronsin, Bron, Bronsonn and Bronsen can trace their origin in the same word.

The word as a name of a person is not very popular but as a surname it is considered as one of the most often used surnames. You can find several famous personalities who are the bearer of the surname. As a surname you can cite the name of the actor Charles Bronson and as a name another actor can be mention who is known to the world as Bronson Rinchot.

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