What Does The Name Bentley Mean?


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The name Bentley means "smart" and it originated in the English language.
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The name Bentley is an English name for a male. It was derived from a surname, which in turn was derived from the name of a place meaning 'a clearing covered with bent grass' in Old English. In the United Kingdom, there are several places which are named Bentley including:

Bentley is the name of a locality in Walsall that shares boundaries with places like Willenhall, Ashmore Park and Alumwell. Bentley played a notable role in the English Civil War when King Charles II sought asylum from the Lane family in Bentley Hall while trying to avoid exile.

Bentley is also famous in its neighbouring area for points of interest like Bentley Emmanuel Church and the ABC Park. In recent times, Bentley has seen an influx of visitors due to its proximity to the M6 Motorway, also a multiplex and many eating spots.

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