What Does The Name Beckett Mean?


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The name Beckett means 'a little brook'. Famous namesakes include: Samuel Barclay Beckett was born on the 13th of April, 1906 and he died eighty-three years later in the year 1989. He was an Irish playwright, writer and a poet. His work is described as being austere and minimalist, and is interpreted as being very negative about the human state. This pessimistic quality is alleviated by a clever and often wicked streak of humour. His work essentially deals with the journey of life, which however tough, is eventually worth all the effort that is out into it.

Beckett received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his work in different novel forms of drama, which elevates the penury of modern man. In spite of possessing the native English tongue, he wrote in French as he claimed it was easier to write lacking any kind of style.

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