What Does The Name Jerome Mean?


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The name Jerome has its origin in Greek. It is obtained from the Greek word Ιερωνυμος (Hieronymos). Ιερωνυμος (Hieronymos) means 'sacred name' or 'sanctified name'. Jerome is pronounced as jer –OME. It has twenty variants: Gerome, Geronimo, Gerrie, Gerry, Hierome, Hieronim, Hieronimo, Hierinios, Hieronimus, Hieronymos, Hieronymus, Jairo, Jairome, Jeroen, Jeromo, Jeronimo, Jerrome, Jerron, Jerrone, and Jerry. Jerome is a masculine English name. It is also used by the Dutch and French. In French, Jerome is spelt with accents.

According to the 2000-2003 Social Security Administration Statistics, this name 'Jerome' ranked at 503rd popularity-wise. This name could also be used as a surname and is same as Jeremiah. Jerome is a blessed name, an angelic name or a divine name.
As a surname, it is enshrined, godly, pure or hallowed.
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Jerome is a masculine name. It is basically in usage in English. It has been taken from Greek word Hieronyms that meant sacred name. The saint who was responsible for the creation of Vulgate that was the Latin translation of the Bible that was in the 5th Century.

Jerome, the best known translator of Bible was a Christian Apologist also. His edition of the Vulgate continues to be a Biblical text of great importance in the Roman Catholic Church. He has also been recognized as the Vatican that is he was the Doctor of the Church. He is also represented as the patron of theological learning. He is also called a cardinal. Both the terms are given to him by the side of the Bishop Augustine, the Pope Gregory and the Archbishop Ambrose. He is also depicted as the half-clad anchorite.
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Jerome is a popular name for boys. It is of Greek origin. It literally means 'sacred name' in English. There was a saint in the fourth century called Jerome. He is best known as the translator of the Christian Bible from Hebrew and Greek to Latin. In addition he was a Christian apologist. His edition the Vulgate is still one of the most important biblical texts of the Holy Roman Catholic church. He is recogised as a Doctor of the Church by the Vatican. In art he is sometimes portrayed as a cardinal owing to his status as a patron of theological learning. He lived between ca.347 and ca.420.
The name Jerome has around 20 variant forms namely Jerry, Gerome, Jerrone Geronimo, Gerrie, Jerron, Gerry, Hierome, Jerrome, Jeronimo, Hieronim, Hieronimo, Jeromo, Hieronimos, Jeroen, Hieronimus, Hieronymos, Hieronymus, Jairo, and Jairome.

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