What Does The Name Adi Mean?


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The name Adi generally used as a feminine name. It is supposed to have a Jewish origin. It is also used in Hebrew names and is written as עֲדִי in Hebrew. Adi is pronounced as ah- DEE. The word Adi means 'my jewel' or 'my ornament' or 'my treasure'. The name Adi is also used as a feminine first name. Addy is a variant for Adi. Adi or Addy is a pearl of someone's eye. He is precious and very near to someone's heart.

There are many other variants for this name. The variations in name are as follows: Aadi, Afi, Ali, Avi, Adim, Adin, Adil, Abdi, Adiv, Ari, Ado, Ade, Ade, Ad, and Udi. According to the census conducted in United States of America in 1990, Adi was found to be a very rarely used male first name. Adi is commonly regarded as a surname.

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