What Does The Name Candelaria Mean?


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The name Candelaria is used as a feminine name. It is generally used by Spanish people. Candelaria has a Spanish origin. It is pronounced as Kahn-de-LAH-ryah. In Spanish, it means 'Candlemass'. It was taken from the Spanish word 'candela' which means candle. Candlemass is a church festival that is celebrated in commemoration of presentation of Christ and purification of Mary. Thus, the name Candelaria relates to the feast of Candelmass.

The name Candelaria has four variant forms. They are as follows: Candela (Spanish variant), Candeloria, Candelara and Candelarea. According to the census conducted in United States of America in 1990, Candelaria was found to be a popularly used as a female first name. It was also popular as a last name.

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