What Does The Name Baxter Mean?


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The name Baxter is used as a masculine name. It has its origin in English. This name was taken from a surname that represented an occupation. It meant '(female) baker'. Thus, the name Baxter means 'baker'. Bax and Baxley, Paxton, Buxton, Paxtun and Paxten are the variants of Baxter. According to the census conducted in United States of America in 1990, Baxter was popularly used as a surname. it is not well-known as a male first name.

As a surname, it first originated in Devonshire, South West England. Daniel Baxter, Barnaby Baxter and Henry Baxter are some of the oldest settlers of this family. This name also has a Scottish origin. It was also originally used in Forfarshire, Scotland. Some of the oldest settlers of this family are: George Baxter, Hen Baxter, Richard Baxter and Hannah Baxter.

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