What Does The Name Reese Mean?


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Reese is a name which can suit both a boy and a girl. The name is a variant of the name "Reece." Reese or Reece are an anglicized form of the popular name "Rhys," which means "enthusiasm" in the Welsh language. Many Welsh rulers were bearers of the name "Rhys."

Reese ranked 406 in the top 1000 popular names for males in the US, for the year 2005. For the women in the same year, the name ranked 237. Reese is a popular surname but fares poorly as a first name. Two of the famous bearers of this name are actress Reese Witherspoon, who starred in the movie "Legally Blonde," and Della Reese, the vocal music artiste. Name analysts believe people with the name Reese to be articulate and imaginative.
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I know that reese witherspoon is famous and people name their daughters after her but i want to know what the name reese means.
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I was wondering what it meant!! I love this name for a girl and Riley!!! :)
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I used to hate my name in elementary school, friends always hit me witth the "peanut butter reesey cup, mess with me and I'll kick your cup.....I honestly didnt like it,,but as I became older, I came to realize that people actually liked my name & I did everybody wants to see my I.D because they think its short for something like maurice or something..lls.but won day their will be a Reese E Williams Jr.. But I never met anyone in DC with my name, so I don't think its common..
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Reece is a good name I would know people always say to me that Reece is a boys name but its not its a good name for both boy and girl.....
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I think the name reese means beauty. Because my name is reese  and I am beautiful so my name does mean beauty
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Reese is a popular first name which is used in both the masculine and the feminine genders. It is commonly used in Welsh. Reese is, in fact, the Anglicised form of the first name Rhys. In the United States of America, the first name Reese was ranked 406th out of a total of the top 1, 000 masculine first names and 237th out of the total of the top 1, 000 feminine first names in the year 2005. In other words, the first name Reese is the 406th masculine first name and the 237th feminine first name in terms of popularity in the United States of America.

The most popular bearer of the name Reese is the American film actress Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon is known for her memorable performances in both parts of the Legally Blonde series of movies, and also for her portrayal of the singer June Carter Cash, wife of the country singing star Johnny Cash in the Cash biopic Walk the Line.
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It is named after a guy named Regen but they called him Reese it was his nike name

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