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Tactical is an adjective that relates to, or involves tactics. It can be used in a number of different contexts, such as describing a means to an end whereby something tactical is done (or made) for the explicit purpose of attempting to achieve an immediate or short term objective.

If somebody displays tactical planning it is typically meant to demonstrate planning that was skilful and employed to enable something to be accomplished.

Very often, the word tactical is used by the military when they need to support military operations, usually those with a limited objective, for example, tactical forces may be used on the battle field or in reconnaissance with a particular outcome in sight.

The military also use the word when they are describing particular weapons. In this instance tactical weapons could be those that are useful in a particular war situation that may not be appropriate in other battle circumstances. For example, sniper weaponry may be the tactical weapons of choice in some circumstances whereas tanks would not be.

Tactical bombing is another military description: It may be tactical to bomb a railroad or a bridge so that the enemy cannot move either its armies or equipment.

Tactical can also be used in a vast array of instances, but games and sport is another area in which it is used often. This may be because both sports and wars depend upon attacks and defense moves. All sports from tennis to football have tactical maneuvers intended to make the opposing team think that they are going to do one thing while they actually perform something else altogether with the objective being winning the game.

Another arena where attack and defense are often used and so where tactical operations come into play is the huge world of politics; it would seem that the art of tactics is an innate skill that politicians must have.
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Tactic could refer to:

Military tactics
Tactic (method)
Tactic (municipality)
Tactical bombing
Tactics (band)
Tactics (company)
Tactics (game)
Tactics (manga)
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The word "tactical" is an adjective form of the noun tactics. As an adjective it refers to something as related to, using, or belonging to tactics. It is mostly used in a military sense to refer to naval or army operations that are part of a strategic objective or operation but are more so short term, limited in scope and localized. It can also be used to refer to operations that are carried out in support of wider military operations. Something tactical is also marked or characterised by skill, adroitness and ingenuity, in other words finesse.

The word "tactical" can be traced back to the New Latin word "tactica" and from there to the Greek word "taktika" which means matters that are in some ways pertaining to some sort of arrangement.
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As far as I can tell, a "tactical _____" (watch, flashlight, shirt, belt, etc) means that it comes in black. It's 90% marketing fluff.

Check out the "Sidenote" here for more of a rant:

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