Could someone who knows Latin translate these sentences, please? The wolves live in the forest. They were afraid of the farmer (tiller, ploughman)


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May we do a different take on your question, please? Let's make it into a story, instead.

Now, the wolves were afraid of the multi-faceted farmer, because, unbeknownst to the farmer's wife, the farmer would wander deep into the forest, just after dusk, every other evening. He wore a wolf mask, and many times, he would stumble on the undergrowth, in his inability to see properly, and let out the most vicious howl, when he fell.  His presence was very eerie to the wolves, and they would freeze when the farmer wolf would look their way, as he was the alpha male, and one that walked on two feet, at that.

Now, that's all for now, becausssseeeeeee..........YOU must take the story from here. A good paragraph to follow, from you, and then I will add to the story, and so on. Between the two of us, maybe we can have ourselves quite the little story. We can vote, should anyone else want to add a small part to out story. Yay or nay.

I'll be waiting....................................

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