What Does Weak Pulse In Feet Mean?


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You could have poor circulation.
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Naturally it is going to be weaker than in your arms, because they are furthest away from your heart. If your feet are getting cold as a result, then you should go and see your doctor. I suffer from blood clots, and my foot was like ice because there wasn't any blood getting to it, but I'm not saying that this is what is wrong with you. Just that you should see a doctor about it. Hope this helps.
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I saw a doctor yesterday, that is how I found out about the low pulse, however I do have to go for a stress test because of feeling tightening in my chest. I'm not sure if this is connected to my feet problem. My feet are rarely cold. The doctor asked me yesterday if they stayed cold. I said no. They do once in a while. I do have a lot of nerve damage in my feet. I don't know if this could be causing it. Thanks for answering me.
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Poor circulation is very likely. I will be having tests to find out exactly why.  Thanks. this is a comment from popslester ,converted for him

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