What Does Synonym Mean?


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Synonym is the word which means "nearly the same or similar to the word in question." A synonym is a word or expression that is a metaphorical or symbolic replacement for another.

Synonyms can be interchanged in a sentence with another word and yet, the meaning remains the same.

For example, let us look at these sentences: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The swift brown fox leapt over the lethargic dog.

In the above sentences, the words "quick" and "lazy" were substituted by their synonyms "swift" and "lethargic." Even after interchanging the actual words in the first sentence, with their respective synonyms, the meaning conveyed in the sentence remains the same.

Synonyms can be used figuratively, for instance: "Andrew, in his younger days, was synonymous with frugality." As against synonyms, antonyms are words with opposite or nearly opposite meanings to the word in question.
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Synonym means the same EX: Fat = chunky
                                                      happy = cheerful
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Synonym means the same meanings but when we pronouns, we pronouns in different words.
For example: Happy : Glad , sad : Un happy .etc
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Different words but same meaning
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A synonym is when two words that are different that have the same meaning:
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Synonym means same.

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