What Is A Synonym Of The Word 'Because'?


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There is no 100% exact synonym for "because", but there are words and phrases which are very close in meaning. These include:

"as" - this is less definite than "because" but gives the same general idea, eg "I stayed at home as it was raining."

"since" - similar to "as" with the idea of "taking into consideration" eg "Since you have done the work, we will pay you for it."

Other phrases have roughly the same meaning but are grammatically different. These include:

"due to" eg "We cancelled the picnic due to the bad weather." You could also say "because of the bad weather." However "due to" has a more formal sound and can only be used with a noun (eg you can't say "due to the weather was bad."

"Owing to" has the same meaning as "due to" and is used in the same way.

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