Do you have any nicknames?


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Due reasons some called me MC, But  also my soccer coach, made a nickname trend for me, which wouldn't sound like a normal nickname. Sometimes  he called me "Ricky" because he believed my playing style is just so close to Ricardo Kaka. I hate to be compared to others, but since Kaka been my idol, I would enjoy that one as a lot people agreed with him & that nickname stayed with me somehow.

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Didge Doo
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Nice one, Ricky. That's a nickname you could be proud to own.
Matt Radiance
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Indeed! i'm proud of it & enjoying but as i said only because i really love Kaka by any perspective, & so many people told me i have his fashion & style in playing. but if it would be someone else that i have no feeling for, i would make everyone stop comparing me. because i'd like to be myself, others are themselves & i am who i am with my own mark.
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When I was at college, where we were all only identified by surnames, there was a childrens television programme in the UK called "Space Patrol".  The principle character was "Larry Dart". I was therefore known as "Larry" all through college.

Many years later, at an exhibition in London I suddenly heard "Hey Larry!" from someone in the crowd. It was one of my co-students from ten years earlier. He had assumed that my name REALLY was Larry.

The acting is a bit "wooden"...

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I used to write a column for a square dance magazine under the pseudonym of "Dozy Do" (for Docey Do). The editor called the column "Dancing with Dozy" and it stuck.

So mostly on the Web I use Dozy but I chose Didge for Blurtit because a character in my novel could do magic things with a didgeridoo.

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Potassium (or K for short).  Because my last name also starts with a 'P' and ends with an 'M'

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Ancient Hippy answered

Hippy and Papa Smurf are two of the nicknames that I've been called for most of my life.

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I have a few nicknames. My friend Sarah and I tried to make oc's one time, and the name Melody stuck ;) My family and a few friends call me Kota. My mom calls me Kota Kemzie because of my first and middle name :3

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yes I do ! Many people have called me " Rooster " for many years now. So many that I can't remember. I guess I reminded them of the Marshall in "True Grit ". In some ways I guess it's true as I have a lot of the same attributes. So, I also use it as a username.

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My nickname is "The Boy Detective" because I want to be a personal investigator and am constantly questioning other people.

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