Did you ever have a nickname at school or do you maybe have one now? What was it and was there a story behind it?


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Ancient Hippy answered

My nickname for many, many years was Papa Smurf because I drove a Smurf blue work van and I had a white beard.

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PJ Stein answered

In school every year the teachers would mispronounce my last name. The last syllable is -stein, like a beer stein. Most teachers assumed it was the more commonly Jewish pronunciation of -steen. My older brother's friends started calling him Stein because he would only say the last syllable when correcting the teacher. The nickname fell to me, in a modified version, Girlie Stein, and my younger was Li'l Stein.

Nowadays my husband calls me Boobs. I think that one is self explanatory.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not really one in school but I picked up one in the service. Rooster. After Rooster Cogburn. When I made Sergeant, I was more of a leader then with the ability to get things done and was a little rough at times. So, I was nick named : Rooster because I was like the Marshall in that part. Grizzled Veteran at 22 and the men looked up to me.

Dakota  Mackenzie Profile

I have a few nicknames from different people :)

I have a friend who calls me Dandelion. I was also given the nickname Kemzie (because of my middle name being Mackenzie) and Kota (Just my first name shortened.) I also had the nickname Melody for awhile. I love music and it relates back to an inside thing I have with a friend. This one isn't really a nickname, but I have a friend who calls me sweetie and babe :) And I'm also called "love" by a friend ^^. 

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Alice X. R. answered

My nick name at school is White Rabbit or Wonderland. The story behind White Rabbit is that I always carry a pocket watch around with me and I'm constantly checking it. The story behind Wonderland is that my pseudonym is Alice so people call me wonderland after the book, Alice in Wonderland ~ Alice X. R.

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