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In brief, sport is hard work.  Sports are highly demanding activities requiring dedicated practice, especially intense physical conditioning, in order to develop or maintain the skills necessary to succeed in competition.  Sports are not always playful or fun.  Sports require self-sacrifice in order to achieve a personal or group goal.  Participation in a sport is indeed a full-time job as athletes work long hours to practice their craft at the exclusion of more recreational activities.  Strict attention to one's health (e.g. Diet, exercise, and adequate rest) is essential in meeting the physical demands of a sport.  One must also be mentally strong in order to overcome the adversities which are an intrinsic part of sports.  Sports require direct, face-to-face competition in which success and failure is directly experienced and observed.  No, sports are not child's play.  They do not immerse the participants in a fantasy world in which everyone is carefree and happy and there are no negative experiences such as pain or setbacks.  They expose the participants to real-life consequences.  One can be severely injured or even die from participating in sports.  Therefore sports require varying degrees of courage.  Sports aid in developing the social skills which are necessary to succeed in other endeavors.  They are a very important form of education which is why most schools, colleges, and universities strongly encourage their students to participate in them.  Sports also involve rules in which the participants must abide by to ensure fair play among all involved.  Moral obligation is another intrinsic part of sports.  Yes, sport does possess some elements of play, but mostly it is work, HARD WORK that is.  And yes, sport is serious business as well.  Companies spend astronomical amounts of money as sponsors at professional and college sporting events.  Even high schools are not immune from the influence of corporate sponsorship as it is seen as a way of generating revenue for their athletic programs.  Today professional athletes can earn millions of dollars for achieving fame in their respective sports.  Some athletes sign endorsement deals with sportswear companies so they can potentially earn more money than they do competing.  Sports are conducted according to a regimen not unlike that of the military.  The coaches are the drill instructors or commanding officers.  The athletes are the soldiers at their appointed stations ready to do battle.  The site of competition is the battleground.  Sport is sometimes referred to as 'war without the shooting'.  And indeed there are casualties whether physical or psychological.  So to sum it up, sport develops character and is not always fun and games.
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Here is how I define 'sport':
1) physical activity and competition in the form of a game
2) a particular game involving physical activity and competition in which individuals or teams play according to a system of rules often set down by an official organization
3) the line of work engaged in by athletes competing for pay
4) speech or gestures intended to amuse
5) speech or gestures intended to make a person or group of people appear inferior for another person's amusement
6) a person who plays by the rules of a game
7) a person who gambles
8) a person who plays a sport or who watches sports on a regular basis
9) a plant or an animal that is different from the normal bodily structure for the species as a result of genetic mutation
10) playful lovemaking
1) to wear a particular article of clothing or jewelry in a way intended to draw others' attention to oneself
2) to play in a vigorous or boisterous manner
-of, pertaining to, connected with, or involved in sports
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  • Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
  • A particular form of this activity.

  • An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a
    set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.
  • An active pastime; recreation.
  • Mockery; jest: He made sport of his own looks.
  • An object of mockery, jest, or play: Treated our interests as sport.
  • A joking mood or attitude: She made the remark in sport.
  • One known for the manner of one's acceptance of rules, especially of a game, or of a difficult situation: A poor sport.
  • Informal.  One who accepts rules or difficult situations well.
  • Informal.  A pleasant companion: Was a real sport during the trip.
  • Informal.
  • A person who lives a jolly, extravagant life.
  • A gambler at sporting events.
  • Biology.  An organism that shows a marked change from the normal type or parent stock, typically as a result of mutation.
  • Maine.  See summercater. See Regional Note at summercater.
  • Obsolete.  Amorous dalliance; lovemaking.
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Sport basically is an activity which is administrated by a particular set of rules or traditions and generally engaged in competitively. Sports are usually addressed to activities where the material capabilities of the competitor are the only or chief determiner of the outcome, though this expression is even applied for activities like mind sport as well as motor sport.

There are objects and structures which give an idea that Chinese people engaged them selves in sporting activities way back in the 4000 BC. Gymnastics is said to a well known sport in China's ancient history.

People who participate in various types of sports are known as athletes or sports person; usually athletes compete against each other for national as well as personal glory. The Olympics is a well known example of competitive sports
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'Sport' is most commonly defined as a competitive diversion involving physical skills.  Sport can be played individually or in groups called 'teams'.  Sport is played at a definite location during a definite time, is governed by rules, and has a fixed goal.  Performance is evaluated and compared according to this fixed goal.  In sport, only two outcomes are possible, a win or a loss.  The participants in sport are commonly called 'athletes', 'sportsmen' or 'sportswomen', or 'sportspeople'.  Participants are scrupulous in training, taking care to monitor their diet, exercise habits, and rest in addition to the skills specific to their sport.  Sports participation involves risk of injury and even death in some cases.  Nevertheless, it contributes to overall health by emphasizing physical activity and a nutritious diet to perform at one's peak.  Most sport is played in view of an audience.  Sporting events can be seen live in person, listened to on the radio, watched on television, or read about in newspapers and on the Internet.  Sports participants are sometimes worshiped as heroes because of their exceptional achievements in their respective sports.  They are then enshrined in 'halls of fame' which are institutions commemorating those achievements.  Sports are big business and generate much revenue from live events as well as from merchandise.  Professional sports teams are in essence commercial enterprises employing many people including the players and coaches.  Sports venues are workplaces where participants ply their trade by training and competing under the direction of their coach, trainer, or manager.  The most popular sport in the world is soccer or association football or just 'football' as it is known in most of the world.
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Sports are very important  for our health we can avoid any dease by playing
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In brief, sport is human performance involving demonstrations of strength, stamina, coordination, and speed in which individuals or groups compete against each other according to a set of rules.
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A sport is usually defined as a game involving human motor skills such as strength, stamina, agility, and balance.  It can be played alone or in groups.  It is governed by a set of rules laid down by a sanctioning body and ensures fair play among the players.  Many sports are played before a live audience.  The increase of leisure time in the modern world has led to the professionalization of sport and today athletes are paid large amounts of money to compete.  Sport plays such an important role in modern society that it is covered regularly in newspapers and magazines as well as on radio, television, and the Internet.  Sport provides much needed physical activity during leisure time in an adult population increasingly engaged in sedentary occupations.  Obesity has become a public health threat as a result of enjoying sedentary leisure pursuits such as watching television, surfing the Internet, and playing video and computer games.  Playing sports can greatly reduce this and other health threats.  Children are now spending more time in the house watching TV and typing on a computer than going outside and playing.
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There has been a lot of debate over what the definition of the word 'sport' should be.  Some people feel that stock-car racing isn't a sport since it doesn't require much physical effort and is a competition between machines rather than one between individual or groups of human beings.  Horse racing is often thought of as not a sport since it involves animals rather than humans.  Professional wrestling has long been regarded as not a sport since it is scripted much like a movie or soap opera.  Defining any word is a difficult task.  A definition is based on the contexts in which the word is employed.  Actually 'sport' is a shorter form of a much older word, 'disport', which was borrowed from French into English and meant 'to carry away'.  A universal and fundamental element of a sport is that it is a diversion from ordinary, everyday concerns or responsibilities.  A sport is meant to 'carry away' so to speak from the regular demands of daily living such as employment, household tasks, and schoolwork.  It is meant to refresh body and mind through some form of challenging or stimulating activity.   Any activity pursued for pleasure during one's leisure time could be considered a 'sport' under this general definition.  And this is the oldest definition of the word.  So a sport is usually active and not passive.  Expanding on this idea further, physical exercise is another major component of a sport.  Sport is meant to improve and maintain one's health through regular exercise of the body.  People in today's society and especially children are not doing enough physical activity and prefer passive leisure pursuits such as TV viewing, playing video games, surfing the Internet, listening to music, and watching movies.  Playing sports is an excellent alternative for getting enough exercise during one's leisure time.  People who work in sedentary occupations definitely need the physical exertion found in sports.  A third component is that of skill.  Sport usually involves dedicated practice in order to enhance or maintain one's playing ability as opposed to natural talent.  This means that sport is hard work and not mere child's play.  Athletes begin work on their respective sports when they are very young with the hope of one day making it to the professional level or competing in the Olympics.  A fourth element found in sport is that of organization.  There is some form of hierarchy or chain of command.  Sports are usually conducted under the direction of authority figures such as coaches and referees.  Athletes are expected to comply with the directions of their coaches when it comes to executing the techniques and strategies needed to succeed in the sport.  Athletes must also compete according to the rules of the sport.  If athletes do not compete according to the rules, they are penalized or disqualified.  This brings me to the fifth element of sport: Competition.  This means there is some form of opposition whether it is between people, animals, or machines.  One side wins and the other side loses.  Everybody may run in the race but in the end there can only be one winner.  A possible sixth element may include that of an audience.  Most sport is played in view of spectators.  Spectators or fans are well known for their dedicated devotion to their favorite athlete or team.  Fans can watch their favorite sports live in person or listen to them on the radio, watch them on television, or read about them in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet.  So based on these six components, here is my definition of a sport:  An active diversion involving organized competition that is often presented in view of spectators.
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'Sport' is:
1) a game involving motor skills such as strength, stamina, and agility that is played between individuals or groups and is governed by rules set down by an official organization
2) a pastime involving physical exertion that is pursued in the open air such as hunting and fishing
3) words spoken in play to arouse laughter in an audience
4) words or action intended to make another person appear weak or stupid for one's own pleasure
5) a person who abides by the rules of a game or other organized activity and is humble when dealing with success and failure
6) a person who wastes time pursuing pleasure instead of engaging in more productive or responsible activities
7) a person who wastes money on gambling
8) a person who competes in organized physical activities as an athlete
9) a plant or an animal that is biologically different from what is normal for the species
10) an old-fashioned term for sexual play
1) to wear an article of clothing or jewelry or to manufacture or sell a product as a means of impressing other people
2) to engage in recreational physical activity
3) to cause a plant or an animal to mutate
(of clothing, equipment, etc.) pertaining to recreational physical activities, especially organized or outdoor ones
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This is the most common definition of the word 'sport': An active diversion involving physical effort, skill, and organized competition that is often presented in view of spectators and may also be engaged in professionally.
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Sport is an  athletic activity or exercise, requiring testing of  physical capabilities and skill in which an
individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.Like wise:- Cricket,Tennis,Football etc.

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