What Does Schnauzer Mean?


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The word Schnauzer is defined as an old breed of dog, which is native to Germany. It is a breed of sturdy dogs which are either black or greyish in colour. They are a breed of wire-haired terriers. They have a blunt muzzle. They range in size from fairly small to very large. Schnauzers are used as rattlers, guard dogs or police dogs. The Schnauzer derives its name from the German word meaning moustache. This is because this breed of dogs is known for their distinctively furry noses.

Kennel clubs usually subdivide the Schnauzer into three breeds on the basis of their size. They are Miniature Schnauzers (those which stand at a height of less than 15 inches at the shoulder), Standard Schnauzers (those which stand at a height of between 15 and 20 inches at the shoulder) and Giant Schnauzers (those which stand at a height of more than 25 inches at the shoulder).

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