What Does Spamming Mean?


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Spamming is the act of sending unsolicited electronic messages in bulk usually for marketing purposes or for the purpose of plain mischief. The most common ways in which spamming can be done is through SMSes and emails. Goods usually spammed or advertised in bulk amounts include pornographic items, credit cards, trivial products, computer software, medical products, etc. Spam is also a vehicle to send advertising and promoting pyramid scams and other offers which show you to win a lot of things without doing anything. One has seen recently a proliferation of spam emails relating to the Nigerian money transfer.

The email addresses of people to spam are taken from databases, web pages, ezines, or simply by guessing the general names and domains. Spammers are known to give false information as their identity and also use false or stolen credit card information to pay for their accounts. Spamming also involves making use of software called "spamware" which have programs designed to intrude into the computers of people and then infiltrate their system with spam messages. Some of the recommended methods to check spamming are to use spam filter software, or reporting the spammer directly to the ISPs or the government. Most of the ISPs acknowledging the menace of spam are already installing spam filters.
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A couple of days I registered on the site and a confirmation message should have come to my mail, and only a couple of days later I noticed that it was in spam. Sometimes this is rejected from the site, suddenly something is wrong with it. I started looking for information on the Internet and found a site with an article about email spam. Pretty helpful information, so read it!

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