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The word sort can have quite a few different meanings depending upon the context in which it is used. It can also be used as either a verb or a noun.

There are four main definitions of the word sort when it is used as a verb. The first definition is to arrange something systematically in groups or to separate something according to class or type etc. For example, she sorted through some books as some were to keep and others to be thrown away. The second definition is to look at a group of things one after another in order to classify them for example, he sat down and sorted through his mail. The third definition is to resolve a problem or difficulty for example, she needed help sorting out this problem. The fourth and final definition of the word sort when it is being used as a verb is to resolve the problems within yourself for example, he needed to take time off to sort himself out.

As mentioned before, the word sort can also be used as a noun and there are five definitions. The first one is a category of things or something that people have in common like a feature, for example, he didn’t want to be mixing with that sort of people. The second definition is a person of a specific nature for example, she was a nice sort of person. The third definition is a manner or way for example, the judge is in a sort superior to the King. The final two definitions are the arrangement of data into a prescribed sequence and a letter in a font of type.

The word sort also serves as acronyms for at least two organisations or events. First of all, the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty, which was a treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation. And finally the Special Operations Response Team which is a group that is trained to respond to disturbances at a type of correctional facility.
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Sort can be a noun as well as a verb. As a noun, it can pertain to a group of people or things who exhibit a similar kind of attribute. With respect to this meaning, the synonyms of the word "sort" are type, class, genus, species, nature, variety etc. When we say 'the exhibition had all sorts of books," we imply that there were different varieties and categories of books. The word "sort" can also refer to an individual, for instance: she is a decent sort of girl. "Sort" can also mean "a way of behaviour or mannerism." For instance, "The clerk was acting sort of funny."

"To sort" as a verb means "to categorize or arrange according to particular attributes or characteristics. " Another meaning of "to sort" is "to distinguish and separate," as in "to sort out the tins of sugar from the tins of salt". "To sort" can also means "to find a solution to a problem." For instance, "I am trying to sort out this issue one last time." The word "sort" was used for the first time in popular English literature in the beginning of the 13th century.
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I think I learned what does sort mean.

Well,I think sort can be a noun as well as a verb.

I gave one(1) meaning of the word sort,witch was that sort can be a noun as well as a verb!

Another meaning of how sort can be is that it can be a group of words ...yeah!
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It is synonym "kind" and means : A type or kind. Ex : 1) What sort of music do you like? 2) She got all sorts of problems at the moment.

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