What Does Respiration Mean?


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The word respiration is used as a noun and it describes the phenomenon of the act of breathing. The following sentence can make you understand the word well: Respiration constitutes the most important act of a living being and if somebody stops it even for five minutes he will probably die.

This word is not very commonly used in day-to-day conversation but in written English this word is very commonly used as the word is considered as a formal one. But we use the term or not, nobody can deny the fact that we are surviving in this world because we are having respiration and the day we stop doing the process we are sure to die. So it is understandable how important the phenomenon in our life as our life depends upon it.
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It is the speed of the flow of air in your lungs and heart.
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It is when your taking the method of breathing in and out.each time that we take breath  in and out is considered RESPIRATION.
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It basically means to breathe.
Even though plants can't exactly breathe, they still take in oxygen.
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Respiration in strict biological circles refers to the release of energy from nutrient-derived molecules intracellularly - e.g. The break-down of glucose and the usage of the reactions associated with this and the products produced to provide energy for life processes via numerous chemical reactions.  In medical terminology, however, 'respiration' can apply equally to this as well as the process of getting gases (O2 and CO2) from external gases to your cells (et vice versa in the case of CO2) - a large part of which is through breathing. In this sense, respiration includes ventilation ('breathing'), the diffusion of gas into the blood from the lungs thereafter, the transport of oxygen in the blood to the cells in question and final diffusion out of the blood and into the cells (and the reverse regarding CO2, once again).
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It is the method of taking breaths in and out. Each time we take a breath in and out is considered 1 respiration.
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Cellular respiration- a metabolic process, taking place inside the cells, that converts nutrients into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is used as energy for cell functions.

Human respiration- breathing with one's lungs.

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