What Is Connective Tissue?


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I agree with Eeky and want to add that the type of connective tissue that ligaments and tendons are primarily composed of is 'dense regular connective tissue'.
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There is no specific way to create connective tissue; there are mainly four kinds of tissues in conventional classification. Blood, cartilage and bones are generally thought to be connective tissues, but because they vary significantly from other tissues in this division, the expression "connective tissue proper" is applied.

There is also a difference in the categorization of embryonic connective tissues. Quiet a few connective tissue condition, have been specified like, Marfan Syndrome - which is a genetic disease resulting in abnormal fibrillin, Scurvy - Is caused because of a dietary deficiency in vitamin C, which results in abnormal collagen.

Specialised connective tissues like blood functions in transport. Its extra cellular matrix is blood plasma, which supplies disbanded nutrients, hormones as well as carbon dioxide in the shape of bicarbonate.
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Dense connective tissues
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Connective tissue is one of the tissue types of the human body. Other types include nervous tissue, muscle tissue and epithelial tissue.

Connective tissues form the glue that joins other body structures together. They live up to their name because they literally connect things up. The cells of connective tissue are not tightly packed ~ they are quite widely separated from each other but they form strong structures because of the mesh that they secrete, that completely surrounds them.

Connective tissue forms the bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and adipose tissue (the fat) of the body. Surprisingly, the blood is also regarded as connective tissue; it is a connective tissue because blood consists of cells in a plasma matrix, but it is described as a fluid connective tissue. At the other end of the connective tissue spectrum, bone is a hard structure formed by cells held within a matrix formed from hardened, calcified structure containing fibres of collagen.

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Connective tissues is just one of the different types of similar types of cells in the body, like muscle cells, nervous cells etc.
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Write an answer..connective tissue are the type of tissue that joins two or more different types of tissue and organs. There are different types of tissue in our body eg liquid conn. Tissue i.e blood

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