What Does Resistance Mean?


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Electrically speaking resistance is the amount of blockage you apply to electrical current. It is like a faucet the more you turn the faucet the more resistance to the water you are applying , therefor letting through less current. In this case it would be called variable resistance. Most resistors pertaining to electricity have fixed values measured in ohms.
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To oppose,opposing force,to push against,to be of opposing thought,equal but develop a defense against......immune resistance to a virus
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The word resistance is used as a noun and the meaning you can figure out when somebody is using the word is that of dislike or opposition of a plan or idea and refusal to obey the same. The following sentence can illustrate the meaning of the word well: All new ideas meet with resistance and this is also going to face the same fate.

The word can also be used to obey the idea of a use of force when you are opposing an idea. You can find its use in this context in the term 'armed resistance' which is used to say that somebody is opposing something with the use of arms.

Sometimes the word when associated with 'the' and the word starts with capital letter it conveys the idea of a secret organisation that resists authorities and this use of the word is done especially in the country which is under the control of some other nation.
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An elements ability to easily transfer heat or electricity can be measured in the resistance of that object

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