What Does Reproduction Mean?


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Reproduction is a natural wonder by which a living thing of any specie can reproduce their offspring's or give birth to new individuals. It is the most important and fundamental feature of life. All life forms that are present only exist as a result of reproduction. There are two main types of reproduction; sexual and asexual.

In sexual reproduction there is a need for two individuals to be involved, each of the opposite sex. Human reproduction is the example of sexual reproduction.

In asexual reproduction a new organism of the same specie can be produced without the involvement of any other individual of that same specie. Asexual reproduction is more commonly found in single celled organisms, however asexual reproduction is not limited to them, sometimes they are even found in plants.
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Reproduction has two distinct meanings. It can refer to the process by which an organism gives birth. It can also refer to a process of copying text, graphics, sculpture or other object or expression.

Reproduction is a vast area of scientific study. For instance, 'reproductive health' deals with the organs and functions that enable child-bearing in humans. With the advent of fertility therapy and artificial insemination, reproductive health has expanded to cover a wide range of medical practices. Astonishingly, even cloning is now within the reach of science. It has been used in animals but questions about ethics limit its use in humans.

Reproduction, as it applies to graphics has also expanded in its use. With the progress of printing technology, reproduction is becoming less expensive and more accurate. Because home printers can now produce very good reproductions, there is renewed concern over the legal and copyrigt ramifications of reproducing graphics.
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What would you draw if you had to draw a reproduchion title page and if you have to represent it

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