What Is A Billy Club?


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A billy club is the term that is given to a short stick or club; in particular it refers to the club of police officer. It is typically a heavy, stout usually wooden club. Synonyms for the term "billy club" include the terms nightstick, billy, billystick and truncheon.

It is another word for a baton (which comes from the French word batôn, which means stick) or truncheon. It is basically a stick which measure less than arms-length, carried by personnel of law enforcement, riot control, correctional, and security agencies. They carry it for non-lethal combat or self-defence situations.

It was during the Victorian era that police in London used to carry clubs that were approximately one foot long known as either billy-clubs or truncheons. These days there a number of varieties of this impact weapon that have been developed. The name for the club is possibly an alteration of the term bully club.

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