What Does Pa Mean?


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The abbreviation p.a. is short for the term 'per annum'. This term is usually used referring to an amount of money that is to be paid or received by the year or every year.

P.A is also short for the term Personal Assistant, or alternatively, Personal Aide. This title is used to refer to someone who helps or assists one in everyday personal errands. For instance, a businessman may hire someone as a personal assistant to aid him with his daily correspondence and communication and do other chores.

Today, the function of a personal assistant has extended and more responsibility is entrusted to them. Nowadays, a PA may be in charge of answering calls, checking emails, reviewing documents, researching, setting up meetings etc.

Personal assistants are needed by people living a high profile life like politicians and celebrities to manage their time and lifestyle so that the person can focus on doing his chief work rather than paying attention to minor details.

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