What Does Purple Mean?


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The word purple is defined as the colour which is intermediate between the colour red and the colour blue. It is the colour or pigment purple. To purple is a verb which is defined as to become purple, or to turn a shade of the colour purple.

The word purple is also an adjective which figuratively refers to something that has been embellished or adorned or something which is excessively elaborate or has been showily expressed.

The word purple refers to a person who hails from an aristocratic family or is of an imperial status. The colour purple is associated with a person who is of an imperial status or something that belongs to or befits a supreme ruler. Purple is any one of a group of colours that comes immediately between the colour blue and the colour red. In fact, when you mix the two colours blue and red, you get the colour purple.
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The word purple is an adjective and it describes a colour which can be produced by mixing red and blue colours. The word has its figurative uses also and you can use it in association with prose or passage to describe about a piece of writing that you feel is too grand in style.

The word is being used in association with many other words to convey different kind of ideas. Purple patch is a term that we use to convey the idea of a period of time in which somebody is having a good luck and enjoying a great success. This use of the word is more popular in the country of Britain and in the US the word is associated with the word 'Heart' to convey the idea of a medal that is given to soldiers in the US army
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Its a colour produced by mixing red and blue.
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A color

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