What Does The Name Brooklyn Mean?


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Brooklyn pronounced as 'b-rookl-yn' is basically a girls name but is also used at times for a boys name. It is fairly uncommon both as a first name and as a surname. It has a Old English origin meaning 'water' or 'stream'. The name comes from the Dutch name Breukelen. It became common in the US with the popularity of the two names Brook and Lynn.
Names that sound like Brooklyn include Brooklynn and Brooklyne. This name is gaining popularity in recent times Victoria became named her son Brooklyn in 1999.
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It comes from the Old Dutch, "Bruekelin," a town in the Netherlands whence the New York borough (a former Dutch colony) is named. The meaning of "Bruekelin" remains unclear, but perhaps it means "broken land."
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It means buety

and pretty
it also means sweet!

This is my favorite name!
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I'd like to say I love love love the name Brooklyn. If I have a daughter that will totally be her name =] its so pretty isn't it?
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The name Brooklyn is a name given to a place. It is rarely used as a female first name. This name is also an uncommon last name. Brooklyn means water or stream. It could also mean 'stream by the lake'. It has its origin in English. Brooklyn is a combination of the name Brook and the suffix 'lyn'. The name Brook was taken from an English surname that implied someone who lives near a brook. This name could also be used as a first name of a boy.

The borough of Brooklyn is situated in New York. One could visit the Lundy's Restaurant here. The Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Children's Museum are worth seeing.
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Derived from Dutch Breukelen meaning "broken land". It can also be viewed as a combination of brook and the popular name suffix lyn.
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Mean ugly and stupid.... But at times she can be a good friend =)

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