What Does La Dolce Vita Mean?


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La Dolce vita is an Italian term meaning "The Sweet Life". It is basically a well known movie made in the year 1960, directed by Federico Fellini.

The movie is short of conventional plot structure, in its place it offers a sequence of night and mornings beside the Via Veneto in Rome as visualized through the eyes of the lead character, who is a world-weary society reporter known as Marcello. The most famous scene of the movie is the one in which Anita Ekberg's character engages in recreation in the Trevi Fountain at night.

The film was not shot on location; the Via Veneto was scrupulously recreated in the Cinecitta Studios. Said to be "one of the all-time classics of European Cinema" by The New York Times, the movie went on to bag the Palme d'Or at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

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