What Does Orange Symbolize?


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Orange is a colour which is formed by mixing red and yellow. It is a colour which symbolizes energy, zest, enthusiasm and creativity. One who wears orange is known to be someone who loves to experiment. Orange is also an appetite stimulant.

The colour orange signifies an open-minded approach. It gives vibes of friendship, fun and informality. Sexually speaking, the colour orange signifies passion and foreplay, an adjunct to the colour red which signifies erotica. If red is the colour of passion, then orange is known to be the 'igniter' of passion. The colour orange certainly draws attention as being liberal and unconventional. It is also known to be an immune booster. No wonder, one sees tonics, sexual stimulants and immunity boosting medicines sold usually in orange coloured packs.
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The color orange is a mixture of yellow and red and shares some of their attributes. It signifies warmth, friendship, practicality and liveliness. Orange is a stimulating color, it stimulates emotions and stands for the change in seasons. It signifies autumn, lying  between the warmth of summer and the cool of winter. It is a color that demands attention without screaming for it. It's found in nature in the leaves of autumn, in the setting sun and in the flesh of oranges. It is warm as red but more friendlier and less passionate, it defines friendship, warmth and goodwill just as red symbolises love and passion.
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It symbolizes Knowledge and wisdom.
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The amber light on a traffic light symbolizes that you should get ready. In this sense, orange can represent preparing, getting ready etc..

The main thing that orange symbolizes is the change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

Finally, orange is a very stimulating colour it can represent liveliness, zest and energy.

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