How Many Words In The Albanian Language?


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The Albanian language uses the Latin letters and therefore has a total of 36 alphabets in it. Below I have given you both the upper case and lower case letters:

Upper case:
A B C Ç D Dh E E F G Gj H I J K L Ll M N Nj O P Q R Rr S Sh T Th you V X Xh Y Z Zh

Lower case:
a b c ç d dh e ë f g gj h I j k l ll m n nj o p r rr s sh t th you v x xh y z zh

Unlike many languages in this world Albanian alphabets have only one pronunciation for each letter and there are no silent words. There are seven vowels in this language namely,
a, e, ë, I, o, you and y and 29 constants.

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