What Does In Excess Mean?


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In excess means something that is greater or more than the amount specified. For example, "the album sold in excess of 2 million copies".

It is the condition of exceeding or going above the limit of what is normal or required. It is the state of going over and above the required limit for something. For example, "the dams were filled in excess due to constant rain". It basically refers to a surplus of a quantity. It refers to an overabundance of a substance.

In terms of consumption, it refers to overindulging in something. For example, "he drank in excess that night". It may also refer to superfluousness and extravagance in doing something.
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The word "excess" means something which is more than required or surplus. The word serves as a noun as well as an adjective. The state of being full or more than the permissible limit is also called as being "in excess." Here is an example of the sentence where the word is used as a noun: "The yield of the crop this year has been in excess." The synonyms for the noun form of the word "excess" are overindulgence, surplus, superfluous, overstock, aplenty etc.

As an adjective, the word "excess" has synonyms like extra, spare, surplus, redundant, unnecessary etc. Here is an example of the word used as an adjective: "The tests revealed that the driver had excess level of alcohol in his blood.

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