Some people determine to be the best at everything and they are indeed best at everything but for some people they are imperfect in every way, so is this a fact or an opinion? Explain.


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That's just opinion Maxine, as everybody has their good and bad points about them. So someone will be perfect at one thing and not so good at something else and vice-versa for another. Nobody is perfect and super-great at everything - it just doesn't happen.
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Some people only appear to be good at everything, but in reality they have their faults and weaknesses too. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. I think that often the problem with those that feel like failures is that they are with people that celebrate only certain types of strengths as being good, and ignore the other strengths that a person may have. So when said person doesn't succeed where they are expected to, they are considered imperfect failures.
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Just a fact of Nature as we all can't be perfect or we would all be robots.
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BTW, Your answer was well-imperfect because you spelled the basic word 'Nature' wrong.
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Well put it where the sun doesnt shine my friend

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