What does style of writing mean?


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Style of writing - it is a topic with different aspects. It literally means "a style of expressing yourself in writing", but it is not limited to that.1. In technical documents, we use style guides to define style, formats to design them2. In creative writing, it is the word selection, tone, passive voice, active voice, and syntax3. There are three famous writing styles, writer refer to i.e. Chicago Manual of Style, APA, and MLA styles. Oxford Manual of Style is also used in some documents.4. The common domain you look for styles are formal, informal, plain, grand, etc5. Types of writing Styles are Persuasive, Expository, and Narrative------"Style is the dress of thought" - Lord Chesterfield. Many pages can be written on Style of Writing. You just have to find out your style and the factors affecting it.

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