What Is Meant By Soft Water?


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In contrast to hard water, which contains huge amounts of limestone (calcium carbonate) and magnesium ions, soft water is almost devoid of all these substances giving it a more desirable quality as compared to hard water.

The major sources of soft water are generally peat or igneous rock sources (Igneous rocks are those rocks that have been formed as a result of volcanic eruptions). Such sources are inclusive of substances like granite. Also soft water could be derived from sedimentary rocks (rocks which have been made by piling of various deposits through a long course of time), which are usually have a very small proportion of calcium and magnesium.

As for household purposes, soft water has a definite desirability than hard water as mentioned above. The simple reason for this predilection is the fact that soft water requires a lower amount of soap or detergent than hard water as hard water tends to absorb the contents of those substances and its generally hard and takes a lot of amount of soap or detergent to make a lather with hard water. On the other hand, soft water is very useful in an economic sense and is therefore a choice of preference for household purposes.

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