What is the meaning of mature by your opinion?


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Well according to the dictionary I guess mature is someone who is well grown up n take full responsibility and always act in a grown up way...bt I don't think there's anyone who is 100% mature in the whole world because although we are adults sometimes we tend to act childishly with the one we love..
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Well i guess someone who says that they are truly mature means they dun0 h0w t0 enj0y life...
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No one is ever truly mature as to be mature means you are wise and let's face it there exists no one on this earth who has all the wisdom instead everyone has different pieces of wisdom yet when they all come together then you know how to approach certain situations I say this because there are plenty of people out there who think they are so mature and so they become senile and stubborn in their old age thinking that just because something was right when they did it it's still right now.
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I must say something to people and to you contributing to yourself and society and understanding what is right is the same as responsiblites and those of your actions and self-esteemwhat I think being mature is being wise and do Taking responsibility for your actions, contributing in a positive way to society, supporting yourself (versus sponging off of family and/or friends) and understanding the definition of appropriate
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Grown up
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Someone who act chil dest and stupid.
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For one to be mature, he or she has to be wise and smart in the world whether it is book smart or real world smart. He basically has to be both and grow up. He has to take on responsibilities.

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