What Does It Mean When Your Belly Button Weeps Puss And Blood?


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Yes its normal that means your going through the healing process
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It is normal, it is a wound that trying to heal. Just clean it up with epsom salt and make sure to keep it very clean. The puss should stop after about two or three months when the piercing is nearly healed. Hope that helps =]
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I'm pretty sure thats just a way of it healing, if you squeeze it and then puss and blood comes out I think thats normal if you have just got your belly pierced, just clean it using hot water salt and then use cotton buds to apply around the piercing (:
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You should see a doctor ASAP your belly button is infected, and its connected to you stomach. 
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No it is not normal. You have developed an infection in it. Make sure it doesnt turn red and get hot by touch. If it gets that far you will need to be on antibiotics. For now, clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide then apply benodine, place a small dressing over it until it is healed. Change dressing and do treatment twice daily.

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