What Does 'From Concentrate' Mean?


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When juice is made from concentrate, it basically means that water has been taken out of the juice in order to make it easier to package. It is generally frozen and when it is packaged, it is then defrosted and to top it up, water is added from the local water supply. This means that the juice is not fresh and in fact it is not even proper juice. You can get partially concentrated juice which does not have as much water added as pure concentrated stuff, but generally the best juice for you is juice which has not been concentrated in any way.

Some juices even have additives added to them so it is always better to read the label beforehand. Often people think that they are drinking something really healthy, when in fact it is not really that great for them if the juice is concentrated.

Overall concentrated stuff is a lot cheaper and easier for manufacturers to package. It just isn't that good for you!
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From concentrate is defined as something which has been produced from a concentrated form (of something). A concentrate is defined as that form of a substance which has had the majority of the component which makes up its base removed. In case of a liquid, the base component of the liquid is known as its solvent.

A concentrate is typically defined as a substance from which the liquid or water has been removed to form a solution or suspension. One example of a concentrate is the removal of water from the juice of a fruit.

One of the major advantages of producing a concentrate is that it reduces the volume and weight of the raw materials, which enables it to be transported easily from one place to another. It also enables the concentrate to be reconstituted easily at the time it is to be used again. To reconstitute or dilute the concentrate, you just have to add the solvent to the concentrate.
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It refers to something very thick like milk boiled for long gives milk concentrate same in sugar syrup etc.

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