What Does Terminated From A Job Mean?


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When someone is terminated from a job, it means that they leave their job, either through their own choice, or normally, through the choice of the employer.

There are a number of versions of termination and these are:

• Voluntary termination
• Involuntary termination
• Termination by mutual agreement

Voluntary termination is when the employee makes the decision to leave the job. This is normally done if the employee is not happy with job itself, because of pay, conditions or the working hours. They may have another job that offers higher pay, and better conditions, and in this case they will resign. Voluntary termination also includes the retirement of an individual from a job, once they reach a certain age.

Involuntary termination occurs when the employee is either dismissed or made redundant, or laid off. If an employee is dismissed from their job, this is normally down to them either not being able to do the job to the satisfaction of the employee, or they have been dishonest in their role. A person can also be dismissed from a job if they have committed a form of misconduct such as violent acts, stealing, or not turning up for work on a regular basis.

If an employee is made redundant they are generally leaving the role through no fault of their own, and this normally occurs when the company has to make cuts to keep the business running. Voluntary redundancy is normally requested, and if there are not enough takers, then compulsory redundancy is put into place. Voluntary redundancy is an example of termination by mutual agreement. Those people who are made redundant through no fault of their own, will often receive a handsome payout, depending on the amount of time spent in the job role, as well as reference that can be used for future employers.
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You are fired!!

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