Ah don't you just love those blonde moments? I've been spelling definately with an a forever and my iPod says it's spelled definitely. Wow......wait so am I a dumb blonde or my iPod?


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LOL sorry I think its uu this time! 8) I say defo on here for short..(though it sounds like I'm insulting uu!) LOL no worries! LOL cus ive been spelling Gorgeous wrong all my life until...somebody on here corrected it and I was like.."ohhhhh" and I'm supposed to have an A in English? Nope your blonde..whats my excuse? LOL 8)
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Janey answered
Hey you're not dumb, but the iPod has got you beat on this one lol - it's spelt with an "I".My problem word has always been spelling the US state MS ! And no I'm not going to try it !

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