What Is The Spelling For "God Is Love" In Hebrew?


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In Hebrew "God Is Love" is written as אלוהים אהבה

אלוהים אהבה

But note that since the Hebrew language uses an entirely different alphabet, there is no precise translation for "God is Love" into Hebrew.

Hebrew Origins

The Hebrew language stretches back to the earliest times, it is the language of the bible and sometimes referred to as the holy language. Today it is associated with Israel and the Jewish religion.

The establishment of the Israeli state gave the language a home and brought it official recognition. The Jewish religion has been the subject of conflict for generations. With the Hebrew language one of the ways to ensure communication, the language has been banned and outlawed at different times but has survived and is spoken throughout the globe.

Back From The Dead

With no nation to be based in and reliant on the spoken version the language was under threat from the ninth to twentieth century. The lack of printed material and conflict that Jews found themselves in, put the existence of the language under threat. These days, it is estimated that there are close to 10 million Hebrew speakers, with the language very much alive and actively studied it is now being used by a new generation of people.

Where can I learn Hebrew?

With the establishment of the Israeli state, Hebrew is actively promoted worldwide with many Jews picking it up as a second language or learning how to read and write in Hebrew having previously only spoken the language. Studying Hebrew also gives a greater insight into Jewish customs and traditions thanks to the values of a very distinct language.

The Future

With the emergence of the internet, the language is stronger than ever. Rather than looking on the internet as a threat, it is viewed as a challenge and provides the opportunity to take the language worldwide, allowing anyone who wishes to learn and study a language that almost died 200 years ago.

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Umm... I would write it as אלוהים הוא אהבה.
אלוהים אהבה = god love.
אלוהים הוא אהבה = god is love.
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How would one say that?
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El-O-hEm a-hab.
The word is is assumed in Hebrew

The English sentence "David is a king." is simply "David king" in Hebrew.
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In Hebrew "god Is Love" is written as אלוהים אהבה. For more translation please visit the following site


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Spelling of God's Love in Hebrew

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