What Is The Meaning Of Life?


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What does life mean to you? Is life something you enjoy and make the most of? If the answer is 'no' then something needs fixing. Some teachers, like Neale Donald Walsh, believe that we are non-physical beings who have entered this physical world, in these physical bodies, for the experience of being here and creating our own realities, and to experience contrast. He explains this using the metaphor of a candle who cannot tell how bright it is because it lives in the non-physical world where there is only light. Therefore, in order to tell how bright it is, the candle needs to experience darkness in order to get the contrast it needs. So we begin life in the form of energy, from the fusion of two cells - the ovum and the sperm cell. This energy continues to live within our physical bodies throughout our lives, enabling us to think and move, animating our body so that each part of it can function.

Everything that is alive grows, changes, reproduces and essentially evolves, moving ever closer towards perfection. As humans, in this sense we are the same as plants and animals. However, our experience of life can be much deeper because we have the freedom to choose and create our own reality - we can decide what we want to do, be or have in our life experience. We are the creators. You could consider yourself as being a traveler who is simply here on holiday to experience all of the wonderful things that life on planet Earth has to offer - including success and achieving our dreams. When we are on holiday, we tend to make the most of the experience; we explore, we have fun, we meet people and we do our best to enjoy ourselves.

However, many people are losing out on this opportunity because of their perception of what life is. If you have unfulfilled dreams, or feel generally unfulfilled by life, then by examining your own perception of life you can start to make some decisions about what you would most like to experience as part of your reality. Your life should be meaningful to you - the things you do, be or have should add quality to your life experience. Would you like to live in a big house? Would you like to have the perfect job? Would you like to earn more money? Would you like to experience inner peace and happiness? The great thing is that these decisions are yours to make. This means that you can create your own meaning of life, but the decisions you make must be ones that feel right to you. When you feel good then you will know that you are living the life you were meant to live, and you will realize the meaning of your own life.
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First of all you should not look for the meaning of life but your thoughts on it. What you like to live for. For me its about having fun with the years I ve been given and become usefull and steady so people can lean on me when they need help
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There's a million different answers some say we are here to die, others to spread the word of god, to make the world a better place. Some people have a calling in life an unexplainable feeling of having to do something or being drawn to help others. As of now I have no idea what the meaning of life is and it's down to your own interpretation why do you think you are here? Do you have a purpose or a calling?
If you are like me and have no idea why live life with the idea that every day may be your last to live life young and be scared of nothing, to treat everything as a party and a chance to further yourself and who you are as a person. Or do nothing and live life in the past wondering what could have been instead of what is going to be (:
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Well, many people think differently. But me personally, I think it is to have fun, laugh, love, and to thank God for everything. I'm a very happy person, so I love life and I don't want to waste a second of it. Why waste time feeling bad for yourself. Get off the couch and go kick some butt in life. Sounds kind of weird, but one of my friends said it to me and I liked it.
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I think that your question Maxine asking what is the meaning of life is a very good and extremely deep question to answer because it is the same thing as asking Why are we here. Well why and what surely depends upon whether we were  created ( which I happen to believe) or whether we evolved because being created offers us to ponder upon Gods possible many meanings for creating us whereas evolution just offers us the explanation that we came by chance and I find that we cannot answer this type of question if we did evolve but that we can answer it much more if we were created. But I understand your thinking of it being to find our own identity as that makes a lot of sense. Sorry I cannot be more specific. I am answering how I see it but other people may have other outlooks. But we cannot possibly know all Gods plans for us  if he indeed made us.
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We all ask this question and wonder about it... But I do know why. You may not believe me but, I believe that we are here to hear, believe, and spread God's word and wisdom. All of us are hear for a reason even if you know it or not.
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I'm still asking myself this question to be honest.

I don't know the meaning of life or what it means to live, but one thing I do know is just to live for the moment. That's all we can really do - live and embrace life and take each day as it comes.x
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Life is filled with suffering and heartbreak but to live is to learn the lessons to be learned and find your window of peace and happiness whatever it may be. This reality is merely a fantasy built to believe and conform, but even so, our sense of happiness may be derived from mainly fantasy. We need to find a balance between perceived concrete reality and our sensory awareness, our guiding intuition to what feels right. That's a bit of my perception of living
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You were created by God for a higher purpose. Go to school, work and see what affects your heart inside, what moves you and how you can help that person or organization. Get into volunteer work and charities and you will find the meaning of life. Also make no mistake there is a god. I have been before him due to several near death experiences with my heart, blood pressure, blood loss due my sons birth, etc....My job is to take care of the orphan, feed the hungry and take care of the widow.
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Life means what you want it to mean. Life is is your goals and what you could do that is impossible. Just look inside your heart and you will find what you are looking for. Life is about a search of self discovery.
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LIfe is what you want it to be. You make it what you want. Smile and you will be more relaxed, people around you will be more relaxed. Life can be what you want it to be or what you expect it to be.

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