What Does Drawing Mean?


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Drawing is used as a noun or as a verb. Drawing is an act of pulling something. An art of representing pictures or forms on any surface like a paper, wood, canvas or walls et cetera is referred to as drawing. It is done by means of lines. For example: Diana is good at drawing. Any work produced in this way is also called drawing. For example: there are beautiful drawings in the caves of Neanderthal times.

Drawing is also used as a continuous tense of the verb draw. The verb draw is used in varying contexts. Thus, drawing could mean: causing something to move toward one by application of continuous force; causing to flow forth; sucking in or taking in or inhaling; taking or pulling out; earning or gaining; ending or leaving (contest) tied or undecided and attracting someone or something.
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Drawing is a lot exploratory, with significant importance on examination, problem solving and creativity.

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