What Does Dissemination Of Information Mean?


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Dissemination of information refers to the distribution of information to the general public usually conducted by the government or an agency specifically given authorisation to release information for any public sector.

The information released to the public will have to be regulated by the government in terms of its content and quality of content, however, it is important the specific information is disseminated to the various groups of people that the information concerns or will concern. To put into context, specific information such as government plans or military exercises as well as information regarding court cases while they are still active must not be available in the public domain. In addition, it is important to know that the information that is released is usually a statement of facts, therefore the groups of people who are being sent this information will not be required to give any feedback. The information will not usually prompt any reader reaction either.

There is also a term known as selective dissemination of information which refers to specific resources used to keep a computer user informed on news items regarding certain topics. Within this system also referred to as SDI services are provided to users including current awareness tools, alerts and trackers. They inform individuals of the availability of certain news resources. The user simply has to choose some particular key words or phrases and various news resources will be found for them. They can be received through text messages, email, voice mail and RSS feeds.
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Dissemination of information is defined as the distribution of information to the public. It is usually initiated or sponsored by the government of a country or an agency authorised for the purpose of dissemination of information by any public sector unit (abbreviated as PSU).

In simple terms, the term dissemination of information is defined as the process of making information available to the public. The government must not only regulate the quality and quantity of information that it can disseminate to the public, but it must also be systematically disseminated to a select group of people. For example, sensitive information, such as secrets of the armed forces or the ministry that looks after defence, must not be divulged to the public.

The dissemination of information is a one-way process. The disseminated information flows down from the source (an agency of the government) to the target audience (the public). There may or may not be any feedback from the public.
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Distribution of information, spreading awareness to every individual.
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Reasons why libraries undertake dissemination of information and its reverence.

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