Could you please inform me what is the meaning of BLURTIT?


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Blurtit is an up-and-coming Q-and-A site that is currently in its rebuilding stages. It's been around since way back in 2006, but was redone in March of this year. Within the next couple years, I think it has the potential to be what it once was.

Blurtit is going to be one of the most helpful and friendly Q-and-A communities on the internet. Here if you ask a good question, you will get a good answer by one of our helpful members here.

This site also has an extremely friendly community and you can develop friendships with many users on here. I've made many friends here and they have all made this site very enjoyable for me.

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Mike has done an excellent job of explaining what Blurtit is all about (thanks!) so I figured I'd throw in a more literal explanation of what Blurtit means just for fun:

Blurtit (or Blurt It) is a compound word, a verb-pronoun combination that semantically stems from the verb "to blurt".

The Cambridge dictionary describes "blurting" as:

to say something suddenly and without thinking, usually because you are excited or nervous.

While this might not seem like the most logical name for a Q&A site, I think there are some interesting parallels that can be drawn between that definition and my experiences on Blurtit.

I write for several blogs, but when I answer a question on Blurtit, my process is very different:
I don't usually go out looking for questions - they seem to jump out at me. I'll be browsing my feed when something catches my attention and triggers an answer.
I don't know if I answer questions because it's fun, because it's a way to connect with people, because I'm such a helpful and lovely guy, or whether it's because I'm a little bit of a show-off deep down (I suspect the truth might be "all of the above").
But anyway, to me, Blurtit is all about unlocking and sharing knowledge that I carry around inside my head, but haven't been prompted to share yet.
For example, today I answered a question about why some buses don't have seatbelts.
This isn't a topic I would ever have ever considered writing about, but when I saw the question, it reminded me of some information I'd once read, and before I knew it, I was "blurting" that knowledge out.
Maybe 'Blurting' means something different to everyone else, but that's my take on it anyway!

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