What does communication mean?


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Communication is sharing your thoughts , ideas and information.Our day to day life we speak to other is a communication
Communication as an academic discipline, sometimes called "communicology" relates to all the ways we communicate, so it embraces a large body of study and knowledge.The communication discipline includes both verbal and nonverbal messages.
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To talk to one another
but it doesnt always have to be talking
for an ex you can text one anouther
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Google it or wikipedia it mates hope this is helpful
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Communication is the conveyance of a message between a sender and a receiver or group of receivers. This message typically contains information or knowledge, and we use these messages to transfer information between each other and learn. There are many types of communication including verbal and non-verbal communication. We use different types in different situations and contexts.

The development of effective communication skills is an important step in personal progression and development. There are many benefits to learning how to improve communication skills, at home and in the workplace, including reduced misunderstandings, increased happiness, and improved productivity.
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It  means  to  talk  to  each  other   and  it  does  not  always  have  to  be  talking  it  can  be  writing  a  letter

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