How To Translate Verbal Statements Into Equations?


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This is definitely a skill that is learned through practice and use, however, there are a few things you can do.

Step 1. Read the question first to get 'an idea' of what is being asked.

Step 2.  Where relevant (or whenever possible) draw a diagram to represent the question.

Step 3.  Read the question again, underlining the 'important' information.

Step 4. In your diagram, add the information you have been given.

Step 5. Establish what you are being asked to find.

Step 6. Establish an equation, and solve for answer.

Be aware of some of the common translations of math into english.

For example

Product = multiply
the sum of = add
an item increased by = add
an item increased two times = multiply
decreased by = subtract

There are quite a few more, but I hope this helps
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3 times the difference between t and y
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Okay, so here you are being asked for the difference between two numbers (in general)(
Let D = Difference
So if you were asked for the difference between t and y;
D = t - y

But the question is 3 times - which translates to multiplication, (2 times 3 = 6)

D = t - y
3D = 3 x (t - y)

If you are given the values of t and y, you would now put them into this equation to solve for D

I hope this helps.
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The perimeter of a rectangle, given that the length is x yards and the width is 10 yards shorter.

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